Missy Elliott Teases New Music From Highly Anticipated Project

It looks like Missy is finally about to bless us with some new tracks.

(AllHipHop News) Rap legend Missy Elliott has hinted at the upcoming release of new material, 14 years after her last album.

Missy took to Instagram to celebrate the completion of a mystery project by sharing video footage of herself dancing to Soul II Soul's classic hit "Keep On Movin'."

"I just finished a long project I been working on since last year & this my mood Keep On Movin'," she wrote. "I'm bout to show yall I'm on some next ish."

Missy further detailed the effort she had put into the future release on Twitter, although she stopped short of revealing exactly what it was all about.

"It has been a very intense no sleep 5 weeks working on this since last year," she added. "I been sick on and off from weather change and this pollen has been kicking my a** but it will be all worth it! I'm excited."

Missy's last album came in 2005 with The Cookbook, although she has dropped a few singles in the years since including "Shake Your Pom Pom" in 2008 and "WTF (Where They From)" with Pharrell Williams in 2015.

She has also featured on tracks by artists including J. Cole, Janet Jackson, Fall Out Boy, and Lizzo.