Mistah Fab In Terrible Car Accident

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper Mistah Fab was recently involved in a terrible car accident that has left the rapper hospitalized and his manager with a broken back.

The incident allegedly occurred as the rapper was traveling in California. He was in a town called Bakersfield after performing with Glasses Malone and headed to Los Angeles.

Fab gave fans an update on his twitter page.

From a mobile phone he wrote, "THANK U GOD!!!!!!!!!! yall LOve LIFE. Man I LOVE LIFE..I'M Happy To B here."

The rapper is presently unable to walk, his manager Stretch broke his back and his DJ Tito sustained lung damage.

Fab said that the accident occurred while he was sleep. His manager drove and hit a puddle and the vehicle began to hydroplane.

"I'm still n the hospital but I'm cool. The shock of every thing is what's killing [me]," he said. "[It] just keeps flippin' over in my mind."