Mizay Entertainment CEO Debra Antney Discusses Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj Dismissal

(AllHipHop News) Contrary to reports of being dismissed as the manager of Gucci Mane and Nicki, Debra Antney maintains her parting with the rappers was anything but a termination of the business relationship between them.According to the Mizay Entertainment CEO, the development served as a way for Gucci Mane to open the door for more success in the future. The Atlanta hitmaker, who recently closed his So Icey Entertainment imprint and severed ties with Mizay Entertainment and the Hitt Afta Hitt booking agency, currently serves as the president and CEO of 1017 Brick Squad Records Inc.“I didn’t get fired,” Antney told AllHipHop.com as she concluded that Gucci Mane’s transition was “something that he was taking from So Icey and placed to 1017.” “That’s not firing somebody. That’s allowing him to be the man and who he is. Bottom line. That’s it,” stated Antney, who is also the mother of rapper Waka Flocka Flame. Antney’s views come amid troubling times for herself and Gucci Mane, who is reportedly set to be released from Fulton County Jail tomorrow (May 12) after serving a one-year prison sentence for violating his probation. The pair is among those named in a lawsuit from Marshall Productions’ William Marshall and Derrick Brown of Rockstar Entertainment over a string of concerts Gucci Mane failed to show up for. The pending court case also includes allegations that shows scheduled by Antney and Hitt Afta Hitt executive Johnnie Cabbell were intentionally done with them knowing the rap star would not be able to leave the state of Georgia in light of his parole violations.Another lawsuit, filed in April by All Hood Entertainment, targets Gucci Mane, Mizay Entertainment and Hitt Afta Hitt over a $61,000 loss from claims the rhymesayer missed a November 2009 show in Louisville.Last week, Cabbell, released a statement denying knowledge of any lawsuits aimed at him or Hitt Afta Hitt. The legal drama triggered a notable response from Antney, who questioned the validity of the allegations.“I am a creator. I create artists. Do your homework and learn who I am. Stop stompin’ on me,” she said. “Ok, you don’t know me. I don’t rob people. What the hell I look like robbin’ somethin’ I created. I’m the only g**d**n person that got an unsigned artist $50,000 and $60,000 a g**d**n show. Check my records. I don’t rob nobody. I’d be a damn fool to sit there and rob myself. So it’s gonna take a lot for you to assassinate me.”Antney continued her defiant stance as she blasted former friends and associates for less than stellar treatment towards her.“Julia Beverly, kiss my a**. $5,000 you needed. $5,000. Broke b****. Runnin’ around here, keep putting s**t up on me. You ain’t ready for me,” said Antney, who expressed her determination to rise in light of sour relationship with the Ozone magazine founder. “You can’t assassinate my character. You and no one else. Don’t get me started. I’m tryin’ to be real nice.”Antney’s disdain for Cabelle was also on display as she noted how her support of the businessman went downhill in light of the cases against them.“Johnnie Cabelle, I stood there with yo raggedy a**. I didn’t fall down. I tried to back you. I tried keep it 100 with you. But now, you violated," she said. “You go online and you talk that s**t like you didn’t do nothin’. N***a, I don’t book shows. Money don’t come to me first. I’m not thirsty for money like that. People know when they call my phone I shut you down and tell em ‘no.’"Despite her feelings towards her business associates, Antney is quick to cite her work performance to back her professional standing in the music industry.“Y’all want to get your s**t right. Get your shit right. I ain’t to be f****d with,” she proclaimed. “The streets wanna run around here and talk. Everybody wanna talk they s**t? Let em talk s**t. I don’t care. I’m not going to continuously come up and every time somebody say somethin’ I’ma, run and I’ma do somethin’. You think because I’m a female that you can shut me down? Check my records. I’m a creator. Ain’t nothin you do to me. Nothin’."Antney’s dissolved business relationship with Gucci Mane comes after her recent split with Minaj, who cut her ties to the businesswoman via a cease and desist letter. "Nicki did a cease and desist no longer wanting me to do her business," Antney added. "So I guess, not her herself but a lawyer sent it. I guess that’s a firing. Indirectly. Not her coming to me personally, but sending a letter sent through her attorneys.”Whileher business dealings with Gucci Mane and Minaj may be in the past, Antney says there is no ill will towards the rappers regarding the outcome of their alliance.“I don’t have no beef with Gucci. That’s my nephew. That’s my dog. I ain’t got no beef with Gucci,” she stated. "I love Nicki. I love Nicki and I wish her all the success in the world. You don’t have to stay with me.”

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