Mo'Nique & Charlamagne Tha God Clash Over Netflix & Donkey Of The Day

The stand-up veteran sits down with 'The Breakfast Club.'

(AllHipHop News) Last month, Charlamagne Tha God used his "Donkey Of The Day" to call out Mo'Nique for her Netflix boycott over alleged "gender bias" and "color bias." The radio show host defended the streaming service decision to offer other comedians Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and Amy Schumer more money than Mo'Nique for a comedy special.

This week, CTG and Mo spoke face-to-face on The Breakfast Club, and the conversation mostly centered around the DOTD segment. The sometimes intense exchange included the comedic legend referring to Charlamagne by his birth name Lenard.

Monique's husband/manager Sidney Hicks also called into the show to talk about their issues with Netflix. Throughout the 46-minute interview, Mo'Nique and Charlamagne went back-and-forth over topics such as racism, sexism, contract negotiations, industry blackballing, sexual misconduct, and media influence.

"We're saying pay [black women] equally. You're saying, 'Oh, Monique. This is an isolated situation.' Well, then what that says is you don't know the history of this business that you're in," the Oscar winner told Charlamagne. "You sit behind this microphone and try to be the guru of black culture. I'm gonna need you to know the history of us before you begin to label us. And once you know the history, you know I'm not saying anything unique, brother."

Charlamagne responded, "I just don't understand how you can justify making $13 million in 2018 for a stand-up special."

Sidney then jumped back in by asking Charlamagne if he had read the actual offer presented by Netflix. After admitting he only read "some of it," Mo'Nique fired back by saying CTG should read all of it, and Sidney claimed the offer was for $500,000 which would have also blocked Mo'Nique from performing stand-up for two years, possibly causing her to lose $2 million from touring.

Charlamagne questioned the couple if they made a counter-offer to Netflix. Mo'Nique accused him of "not doing his homework" because she had already released emails detailing the negotiations. However, Sidney had to clarify that they did not actually present a counter-offer, but Netflix allegedly declined to further negotiate on the specifics of the deal.