Mobb Deep, KRS, Everlast, B-Real, Dilated & More Team For 'Dear Mr. President'

Mobb Deep, KRS-One,

Everlast, Alchemist, WC, Mack 10, B-Real of Cypress Hill, Defari and Dilated Peoples

have teamed up to record a seven minute song called “The S.T.O.P. Movement

2 – Dear Mr. President.”

Produced by West

Coast beat master Fred Wreck, the song features the rappers expressing their

opinion on politics, current President George W. Bush and voting in the upcoming


“We were

sick and tired of Bush flip flopping his reason to invade a sovereign country

for one,” Fred Wreck told “We were sick of seeing

soldiers blown up everyday for no reason. Any clear minded person can see right

through what’s going on.”

S.T.O.P., which

stands for Stop the Oppressive Politics, is Wreck’s second such release

since May of 2003.

Over a mellow,

airy production, the song’s chorus laments:

Dear Mr. President,

the world has gone astray/Brothers are dying they won’t live to see today/Was it all worth it, you had to lie to get your way/Blood’s thicker than water,

what a price we had to pay

Various news clips

of reports commenting on the growing U.S. casualty list in the war are sampled

and used in the song, which equates Bush to Saddam Hussein.


our poor people that are paying the price,” Fred Wreck said. “Over

a thousand soldiers dead, but they always leave out the ten thousand wounded,

legs blown off, arms blow off, body parts blown off,” Fred Wreck said.

“That war wasn’t worth one soldier’s fingernail.”

The song also labels

the President a crook and suggests a growing belief in some circles that George

W. Bush and his father George H. Bush were part of a global conspiracy that

orchestrated the terror attacks in the United States on 9/11.

Wreck’s first

S.T.O.P release was “Down with US,” which protested and criticized

the war in Iraq.

On that song, he

pulled together Daz, Tray Deee, RBX, Bad Azz, Dilated Peoples and others. Both

songs are internet only releases due to the controversial nature of opinions


"If North

Korea invaded California because it was protecting its national security, don’t

you think we'd be out there in the streets making roadside bombs and attacking

convoys too?” Fred Wreck asked. “Would we be terrorists or people

fighting for our country?”

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