Mobb Deep Not Signed To Landspeed

Contrary to published reports, Mobb Deep has

not signed to Landspeed, but the Boston based indie will distribute a new project,

titled Free Agents: The Mix Tape.

"You'll get somebody like Landspeed saying

that 'we just signed Mobb Deep,'" Havok told "It will

go down the chain and then we signed to Landspeed."

"The whole situation with that was, we was

planning to put it out on mixtape so we was like, 'Let's put it out on mixtape'

and get a lil independent distributor or whatever," Havok told

"Somebody said, 'Get Landspeed to do it,'

So we said, 'F**k it.' Put the mixtape out through Landspeed. No big deal."

Havok said that the Free Agents mixtape would

feature some new songs, but most of it is remixes of their older material with

freestyles over it.

"I would never sign to Landspeed. Not to

discredit them or nothing like that, but we are too big a group to sign to Landspeed.

I'm not stupid."

Free Agents: The Mix Tape is scheduled

for release in Feb. 2003.