Mobb Deep Talks 'Blood Money', G-Unit Collaboration

Mobb Deep have

a retort for those those fans that thought the group's G-Unit affiliation would

compromise their self-proclaimed "murda musik."

The group's upcoming

album, Blood Money, features 50 Cent and many acts like Lloyd Banks,

Young Buck and Tony Yayo, but Prodigy and Havoc say their style prevails on

the opus.


to the people that thought [it wouldn't be a true Mobb Deep album], when they

hear this, I just want to stamp on their head, 'I told you.'" Havoc told

"Mobb Deep

isn't gonna change and when we first got here 50 was like, 'Listen, I want y'all

to keep doing what you been doing. That's it,'" Havoc continued. "We

didn't want to change and 50 didn't want to change us. Now everybody is gonna

hear the Mobb sound, not just our core audience. They are gonna say, 'Oh, this

is why these mother f***ers been around for 10 or something years.'"

The pair did admit

that 50 Cent did bear some influence on the sound of the album, in addition

to having several guest appearances.

Rapper Prodigy

said, "Basically, we did like half the album when he was shooting Get Rich

or Die Tryin' [and recorded] some of it while we were on tour. It was a 50/50

[effort] basically."

At a New York concert

in August of 2004, M.O.P. and Mobb Deep announced they intended to release a

M.O.P./ Mobb Deep joint album.

Despite the goal,

Havoc revealed why the Mash Out Posse, also G-Unit brethren, don't appear on

Blood Money.

"We were just

been so busy. When we was on the tour together, you got five different artists

trying to get in the studio at one time. Everybody was basically doing them

and we didn't get the chance to actually do a song with M.O.P. We wanted to.

In the future, we definitely are going to do a song with M.O.P. And definitely,

we got

the [conceptual M.O.P./Mobb Deep] album in mind. It would be crazy."

With the album,

they didn't want to alienate their faithful fans, but admitted to the desire

to expand their audience.

"We didn't

want to make this a compilation. Those are enough artists for now. I wish we

could have had more of G-Unit on there. This is our introduction," the

Queens producer rapper explained. "You're gonna hear collaborations with

all the G-Unit artists at some point, whether is MOP and Ma$e- whatever. We

just couldn't fit it in the album."

In addition to

G-Unit, Blood Money features production from Alchemist, Havoc, Sha Money

XL, Dr. Dre and a plethora of upcoming producers. The album is expected to hit

stores on March 21.