Moby Ducks Eminem

Fearing he would “get stomped by Obie,” techno artist Moby chose to lodge at a different hotel once he found out his nemesis Eminem was filming a video in the same hotel in Los Angeles, according to a journal entry from his Web site.

A noted pacifist, Moby was recently attacked outside of a nightclub in Boston by assailants who were alleged to be Slim Shady fans. Upon hearing that Em and company would be engaging in a party after the video shoot was over, Moby decided getting beat up by drunkards at 2 a.m. while taking a walk was not something he looked forward to. “In the interest of personal safety and what not,” he wrote. “I’ve moved hotels, just to be on the safe side.”

The feud between Eminem and Moby began amidst the 2000 Grammy Awards, in which demonstrators protested the rapper being nominated for the coveted Album of The Year. During a press conference for the awards, Moby criticized the rapper for the misogyny and hate immersed in his lyrics.