Moby Supports Eminem & "Mosh"

Politics has a strange way of making bedfellows. Moby, a longtime Eminem nemesis, has recently announced his support for Slim Shady and the rapper’s anti-Bush single and video for “Mosh.”

“You know that Eminem and I have had our differences in the past,” Moby wrote on his online Web log last week. “But this video is the best that I’ve seen all year.

“It’s an amazing song,” the Techno DJ added. “And an even more amazing video. Please go watch.”

Eminem, speaking to Angie Martinez on Hot 97 last week, attempted to downplay his political inclination, stating the song is just a natural extension of his personality and the hip-hop political movement. The Shady CEO, however, didn’t hide his disdain for President Bush and his administration.

“A lot of people have different sides and I think they’re scared to express those sides,” he explained. “Just recently, just seeing what’s going on right now [in Iraq] and it being election time and seeing what’s going on in the world and rappers getting involved, I just feel like…. And I’ll leave it at this, I don’t like what Bush is doing right now to our country and if he’s elected for another 4 years he’s gonna run our country into the ground.”

The controversial superstar was quick to note his words don’t reflect any anti-American sentiment. Rather, Em said: “I love this country, but can this man [Bush] run the country into the ground? Yes.”

Eminem went on to add that the rumored re-institution of the military draft has had an impact on his thinking. His younger brother, Nathan, recently turned 18 and Em said “it’s nerve racking,” to think about his joining the Army.

The rapper noted his upcoming album would feature him speaking on politics as well as his personal experiences during the past year and a half. The feud with Benzino and the Source magazine will also be addressed again. In particular, Eminem cited “Yellow Brick Road,” as a track that would answer his many critics.

“It doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t,” he said. “I went through a lot of things this past year and you can hear it on the album.”

Encore is due in stores November 16th.