"Mockumentary" Creators of “Snow on Tha Bluff” Announce Open Casting for New Film

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) The masterminds behind the highly controversial “mockumentary,” Snow on Tha Bluff, are casting for their latest film.

Tentatively called War, the new movie will center on American soldiers who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan and the lasting affect it had on them.

Director Damon Russell and producer Chris Knittel crashed onto the indie film scene with Snow on Tha Bluff last year. The film, which received acclaim at this past Sundance Film Festival, told the story of Curtis Snow, an Atlanta crack dealer and armed-robber and his life in his crime-ridden neighborhood. Blogs and online communities were abuzz about whether or not the film was “real,” due to the extremely violent content portrayed in a documentary style.

According to the filmmakers, War will be mostly documentary with a “dash” of embellishment. Russell and Knittel plan to interweave elements of soldier’s real lives with current events and loosely scripted scenes. The filmmakers say they are looking for charismatic, intelligent, and outspoken returning military veterans. They are also casting “Southern roughneck type” characters. Age, race and gender are unimportant.

Interested parties should submit the following to fuzzylogic0101@gmail.com 

- A brief description of yourself

- A few pictures or links to online videos of yourself.

- Your age, location, etc.

- A quick description of where you served, some of your experiences and what it is you want to say to the world.

[If you’re applying for the veteran role, put "Veteran" in subject line. If you’re applying for the country type role, put "Country" in subject line.]