Modeling Agency Files Lawsuit Against Eve

Eve was hit with a lawsuit by modeling agency

Wilhelmina Artist Management, claiming the rapper failed to pay the agency their

share of endorsement deals that they originally initiated.

According to a lawsuit posted on,

Wilhelmina claims that Eve and a company that she owns, Blondie Rockwell Inc.

as well as manager Troy Carter entered into a two year contract with Wilhelmina,

agreeing that the agency would be her "sole and exclusive representative"

in the field of "commercial marketing."

Wilhelmina claims that the agreement encompassed

modeling, runway, fashion, commercials, spokesperson deals, tour sponsorships,

celebrity endorsements, licensing and product placements.

The lawsuit alleges that Wilhelmina was in the

process of negotiating deal with Reebok, only to find out that the rapper had

already signed a deal to appear in various Reebok "Classic" commercials.

The lawsuit claims that Eve's agreement with

Reebok was the product of Wilhelmina's work.

The same claims are made over deals that Eve

has entered into with Candies and her Fetish line of clothing.

The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of damages

against Eve, Blondie Rockwell Inc. and her managers.