Mom of Hudson Suspect Blames Drugs; Police Deny Severed Hand Reports

The mother of Hudson family murder suspect William Balfour has made an explosive allegation that last week’s grisly South Side home invasion was the result of drug dealing.

Michele Davis-Balfour made the comments on CNN's Nancy Grace show while defending her son from what she feels is a smear campaign against his character.

“My son was not arrested, he turned himself in,” Davis-Balfour clarified. “It’s also a lie that he was caught with a weapon. The truth is Jason [Hudson] was selling drugs out of the house.”

Jason Hudson, brother of Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, was murdered along with his mother Darnell Donerson in her South Side, Chicago home.

Several days later, the body of Hudson’s 7 year old nephew Julian King was discovered on the West Side in an abandoned SUV.

A post mortem indicated he had been shot 5 times at close range.

An even more horrifying detail was initially reported by the National Enquirer, who disclosed that one of Julian King’s hands was also cut off, suggesting that he may have been being held for ransom.

Yesterday evening, police corrected the story by stating the hand severing antidote was “absolutely untrue."

Inquiries into William Balfour’s past revealed a parole release for attempted murder in 1999, and an arrest for cocaine possession in June.

According to Davis-Balfour, the drug arrest was a set-up by her son’s estranged wife Julia Hudson, who she alleges became jealous after the relationship ended.

“He was not living with Julia at the time. He went by to see her. When he came out there was a shooting in the area,” she explained. “The police automatically pulled him over. They searched the car and found drugs. There was no probable cause so the charges were dropped. He thought the police planted the drugs but it was Julia. She was upset because he was dating another girl.”

Chicago police also released evidence yesterday (October 29), suggesting that more than one person was involved in the triple murder involving singer Jennifer Hudson’s family.

The investigation has revolved around primary suspect William Balfour, estranged husband of Jennifer’s sister Julia Hudson, who was apprehended on Friday (October 24).

Although not charged with the South Side slayings, Balfour is being held on parole violations.

Witnesses placed Balfour in his teal Chrysler on the block of the murder scene last Friday at 7 AM. Later, the car was discovered parked a mile away at Robeson High School.

His girlfriend later verified he was at the home where Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson’s mother, Darnell Donerson, and brother Jason were shot to death.

On Monday (October 27), the body of 7-year old nephew Julian King was discovered several miles away in Jason Hudson’s Chevy Suburban.

The child was also the victim of multiple gunshot wounds.

Security video from Robeson High School shows someone parking Balfour’s Chrysler on Friday, but a positive ID could not be made of the individual.