Mona-Scott Young Has A Message For Cardi B's Haters

AllHipHop Staff

The "Love & Hip Hop" creators says Cardi is going to be around for awhile.

(AllHipHop News) The woman who launched Cardi B's career has a message for the rapper's haters - pipe down, cause she isn't going anywhere.

Mona Scott-Young knows Cardi B quite well.

Mona is the executive producer of the hit "Love & Hip Hop" franchise, where Cardi B launched her career.

According to Mona, whose name-checked on Cardi's hit single "Bodak Yellow," a pair of recently filed lawsuits, or criticism from other rappers will not slow the Bronx rapper down.

“Let the haters hate - I know Cardi has withstood a lot, but I’m sure that it’s not going to take her down,” Mona Scott-Young said.

Mona also applauded Cardi for taking a break from social media earlier this month, after a spat with fellow New York rapper, Azealia Banks, who had some unkind words about Cardi, her career, and her diction.

Cardi briefly disabled her IG on May 12, before returning to the Gram on May 20.

"I commend her on unplugging and taking the time off. If that’s what she thinks she needs in order to make sure she is healthy so that she does the most important job, which is creating life," Mona Scott-Young said.