Monday Fashion Feature: Brand Profile: Aerial 7

AllHipHop Staff

Bop your head to your music in style with the bold Aerial 7 headphones, now available on

As stated on the the company's official website, "our headphones are influenced by our devotion to art, streetwear, action sports, and DJ culture".

Shock Mansion guys in Aerial 7

The brand offers multiple innovative models, such as the "Street Series" which includes the Tank, Chopper, and Matador.

Tank by Aerial 7Chopper by Aerial 7Matador by Aerial 7

They are all compatible with everything from MP3 players to the iPhone, and feature "high end acoustics that deliver rich, amazing sound that will have you lost in the music, and standing out in the crowd."

Angela Simmons in the Tank headphones by Aerial 7 Get the best of both worlds with Aerial 7 - impeccable sound and vibrant styles. And they start at only $50!