Monday Fashion Feature: "Brand Profile: KangaROOS"

AllHipHop Staff

KangaROOSfirst launched in 1979 by American inventor and jogging enthusiast, Robert Gamm.

The sneakers were designed with joggers in mind, having built in pockets that could carry anything from keys to money.

KangaROOS flourished in the 80s, catering to everyone from children to NBA and NFL players.

Eventually the brand fizzled out in the U.S., but continued exporting to Europe.

ROOS Classic Vintage by KangaROOS

KangaROOS is now celebrating their 30th year with a strong comeback, selling in 60 countries worldwide.

The designs are classic and simple, fitting right in with today's retro sneaker trend.

KangaROOS signature ROOS Classic Vintage sneaker is available in multiple colors, and runs for just $60.00 - so you can get your old school fix at a great price!

ROOS Classic Vintage by KangaROOS </P>

ROOS Classic Vintage by KangaROOS

ROOS Sky Walker Mid by KangaROOS