Monday Fashion Feature - Brand Profile: Radii Footwear

AllHipHop Staff

Although Radii (pronounced "ray-dee-eye") was only launched in 2008, the footwear brand has already received much notable love.

Jay-Z in Radii

Jay-Z has been spotted all over the U.S. rocking his 420 Tops by Radii. The brand didn't even hook him up, apparently he copped them himself!

A great way for a sneaker brand to start off, isn't it?

Founder Casey Arisohn was previously a buyer for the action sports stores Beach Bums in Cali.

While at Beach Bums, he noticed that his suggestions to the design team were often put in place and ended up resulting in top selling items. This naturally sparked Casey's decision to get into the production side of things.

Radii debuted at the semi-annual MAGIC trade show in August 2008 and received instant praise.

Even with the creative use of materials like satin patent and action leather, as well as fresh details like buckles, buttons and more, these kicks still maintain reasonable price - only $95-$120 on right now!

Taboo from Black Eyed Peas stays in Radii!

Travis McCoy

Check out the first shipment of Radii footwear on

Straight Jacket by Radii

420 Top by Radii

420 Top Jay-Z by Radii

Thriller by Radii

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Radii began in Souther California and prides itself on innovative, futuristic designs that "reflect each individual’s unique personality from the feet up".