Monday Fashion Feature: Brand Profile: SneakTip

AllHipHop Staff

As stated on SneakTip's official website, "sneakerheads, as they are referred to, always had to have heads up on the sneaker market, staying on tip of future releases - thus the name SneakTip".

SneakTip launched in 2006 with impeccable timing, as the newest and rarest kicks became increasingly popular with the masses.

The brand amalgamates NYC's urban art, history, icons and music to serve up a creative sneaker-infused lifestyle apparel that caters to this new niche market.

Sneaktip is currently gearing up for the release of a summer collection, with much of the gear taking inspiration from the 90's era of sneakers and basketball.

Recently, Sneaktip collaborated with DJ Treats for the Sneaktip Allstars mixtape, featuring Kid Cudi, Charles Hamilton and Mickey Factz. Watch out for further exciting collaborations and announcements in the works, and get your Sneaktip gear on!

99 Problems Tee by SneakTip

Don't Step Kicks Tee by SneakTip

Love Me or Leave Me Alone Tee by SneakTip

Fence Hoodie by SneakTip