Monday Fashion Feature: Exclusive Preview - Sean John Fall 2010

Sean Johncurrently has their New York showroom set up for "Market Week", a time where buyers from retailers like visit the sales reps of their brands and write orders for upcoming seasons – in this case, Fall 2010. The design direction for Sean John's Fall 2010 collection is themed “The Rivalry”. This story begins much the same as all great conflicts throughout history: two opposing forces that wage war for glory and respect on and off the “field” of battle. The privileged, the proper, the pure breed. Check out more images of the collection after the jump:

The Blue Bloods are the epitome of refinement and upper classicism. Trained and molded to become the “elite”. Their focus lies on the purity of victory. This unwavering mindset creates an attitude of superiority that is admired by many, but hated by those that were not entitled. Those that are unprivileged, the underdogs, the unforgiven.

The Crimsons are the antithesis of what the Blue Bloods portray. They stand for utilitarianism and purpose while adding their own unique touch. The everlasting feud continues as battles are won and lost. Friends and foes become the fallen…until one day a handful of members grow a disdain for both sides and unite and give birth to what they call themselves Team Noir.

Team Noir takes both styles to their extremes and fuses the two sensibilities of clean and rough to create an ultimate style of dark chic, refined ruggedness and neo-classicism. This new and mysterious force makes them the new threat to The Crimsons and the Blue Blood and become the envy of all. Check back for this collection of Sean John to debut on towards the end of summer. See the latest Sean John gear by clicking HERE. Source: