Monday Fashion Feature: Is Masculinity Making A Comeback?

AllHipHop Staff

We noticed that when we're talking about current trends in men's urban fashion, it ignites a lot of passionate criticism here! Mostly because these trends have been leaning on the feminine side for some time now - slimmer fits, typically girly colors like pink and purple, "murses", etc. The looks are coming back and being updated from past decades, such as the 70s and 80s. As we all know, fashion is really just one big cycle that gets reinvented somehow along the way. Baggy jeans will surely make a comeback along with over sized tees. In fact, we are already seeing some more masculine trends worming their way back in to the urban world, such as the classic American workwear style. You can dust off those Timberlands (or buy new ones on and finish off the look with vintage denim jackets/shirts, plaid, distressed workboots, canvas/twill pants, and boxed utilitarian jackets.ACNE Fall 2009 Think classic American brands like Levi's, Carhartt, Converse and Dickies.Check out some pieces from and to help you pull this manly look together: Classic Chuck Canvas Suspender Pant by ConverseScuff Proof 6 Inch Premium Boot by TimberlandBad Ass Jacket by Mark Ecko Cut & SewRocky Triple Needle Shirt by True ReligionMontana Mid Boots by Creative Recreation Are you feeling it?