Monday Fashion Feature: The Best And Worst Denim Trends Of 2009

The year is quickly coming to an end, and we want to rundown some of the most notable trends of 2009 in denim for both men and women.

David Beckham

Give us your input on the best and the worst, what should stay and what should be buried!


Torn and shredded denim was prominent this year for both men and women - Rihanna had it right as usual. The trend stems from the rock chic look that the stylish songstress helped make so popular.

Bleached Out:

Whether subtle or in-your-face, paint and bleach splattered denim became a huge hit in 09, and fashionista Victoria Beckham didn't skip a beat. Some brands combined this look with the one above - distressed denim - to create an even louder totally 80s inspired style. Double Denim:

Trendsetter Kanye West just couldn't seem to hang up that denim jacket of his for a while. Rocking double denim - as in a pair of jeans with a jean jacket, shirt, vest etc. - was a trend he helped ingrain in the minds of the masses. So far that's three denim trends from the 80s!

The Neverending Skinny:

Kid Cudi is notorious for his super skinny jeans. Is it time that this trend dies, or do you prefer this slimmer look on the gents?

Wide Leg:

Amber Rose came out of nowhere this year and blew people away with her bold and unapologetic style. Wide leg jeans on the other hand...they did make a comeback, but it seemed difficult for many women to tear themselves away from the skinny jean. Does the wide leg jean have staying power? Do you think it will make an even bigger comeback?

The Boyfriend Jean:

The boyfriend jean, like Beyoncé's above, was all over the place this past spring/summer. The characteristics of this style include a loose fit, usually some destruction on the denim, and cuffed bottoms. Flattering, or not so much?

The Denim Shirt:

Once again, here's David Beckham looking smoking hot in a denim shirt, this one with a slightly western style. This look has been spotted paired with denim (going back to the double denim trend), chinos and more.

You be the judge - which denim trends should stay and which should go?

Check out some of the above looks from and

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