Monday Fashion Feature: The Biggest Fashion Trends Of 2009 - Hot Or Not?

We recently highlighted major trends of 2009 in the urban market. Now it's time to focus in on key pieces of the year and vote on whether they have longevity or not.


Cassie is rocking one of them above - the romper. This one piece delight is made in all different fabrics and fits, and saves a lot of time for us ladies when it comes to matching up tops and bottoms!

Do you think it will stick around for a while?

The harem or "MC Hammer" pant is a questionable piece, flattering in some cases and not so much in others. This pant comes in various fabrics, lengths and degrees of bagginess.

Oh, the leotard. We saw it go from Rihanna's on stage attire to everyday wear. Do you think this trend will continue spreading or disintegrate quickly? It requires lots of confidence, especially when worn without tights like Nicki Minaj did above.

With the rock trend being such a hit this year, it was inevitable that leather would takeover everything from pants to dresses and tops. Leather (or even faux leather) leggings and pants were rocked from the office to the club in many cases this year. Are you sick of seeing this look?

Buffalo plaid...seriously, it has been everywhere this year. Black combined with yellow, pink, teal, purple, blue - you name it. While well known brands were knocking them out, so were stores like Forever 21 and Strawberry under private labels or generic brand names. Lately we've been seeing brands flirt with variations on the typical check design.

Is it played out?

After a period of clean denim being in, heavily destructed denim took the stage. Bleached, ripped, distressed - have we had enough of these loud styles? Is it back to clean, crisp denim soon?

Ah, the murse. With fans like Kanye assisting in their popularity, and brands like COOGI creating some dope designs, will more men start carrying them?


Short(er) shorts for men. It may be a runway image you see above, but even urban brands likeCAVI and LRG have started slimming their shorts' fits and cutting them just above the knee. Are the days of drooping, wide shorts over?

Chris Brown

Flashy high top sneakers in bright or shiny metallic colors - will they have to make room for the cleaner more understated kicks?

Let us know your thoughts, and if we missed any other notable fashion pieces of 2009!