Money B Questioned


B was one of the dozens

of witnesses questioned by police and released without being charged,

after record producer and cofounder of Ronlan

Entertainment, Ronald Blackburn was shot and killed. Blackburn

died outside the upscale Glas Kat Supper Club in San Francisco's

South of Market District.


incident occurred around 1:30 am, Thursday morning (the 20th of

April) after an invitation only party for Money B, who was celebrating

his solo record, Talkin Dirty.


arrests have been made so far in this tragic incident, and there

has been no clear motive defined for the shooting. Police spokesman

Sherman Ackerson would not confirm reports that Blackburn had

been banging on the SUV, and that shots were fired from inside

the vehicle. Ackerson said "There was simply an altercation

of some sort." Ronlan Entertainment had just signed an 18

month agreement with K-Tel records to distribute the labels releases,

including SILK-E, who was a winner on MTV's show, The Cut.