Monie Love Preparing New Material

Monie Love, who shot to fame with her hits "Monie

in the Middle," "It's A Shame" and her classic verses on De La

Soul's "Buddy" and Queen Latfiah's "Ladies First," is working

on new material due to her passion for the art of Hip-Hop.

"I'm working on putting a mix CD out of

myself basically because I still love the art," Monie Love told

"I can still do this and I just want to do it for self purposes, put it

out there."

Monie currently holds down Power 105.1's morning show with Ed Lover in New York.She said that the mix CD could lead to a full fledged studio album.

"You never know what might develop. I am

still involved in music and as far as the artist side of things, it is because

it's something I love, it's something I know how to do, and something I still

can do."

Monie Love was born in London, England and has

resided in New York since 1989.