Monkeying Around With Gorilla Unit

The subliminal messaging

behind the G-Unit is truly fascinating. When one hears what the G stands for,

there are thoughts of clandestine

inner-city warriors, or dare I say, progressive freedom fighters.

After all, “units”

are associated with military and paramilitary operations. Therefore, it is logical

to think that the “G” would

stand for Guerilla.

However, when you

look at the clothing, we are not presented with a Guerrilla, we a presented

with a beast. Young men are running the

streets with a big “GORILLA” sprawled across their chests, proud

to wear the label of a wild animal or even worst yet, a domesticated

sub-human anthropoid talking in sign language.

With each sale

of these clothing items, our young people are paying premium prices to unwittingly

degrade themselves.

First of all, Gorillas

move in bands, Guerillas move in units. Was there some confusion as to which

“G” was being referenced? Who made this

decision to go with Gorilla Units instead of Guerilla Units? Was this an honest

mistake? Not likely.

With all of the

money these guys are making, there are competent, astute and highly educated

designers, marketers, business strategists and financial advisors surrounding


And 50 Cent is

not stupid. They all know a Guerilla from a Gorilla. The only logical conclusion

is that this was an intentional move to change the connotations of G-Unit from

one of that can be even remotely associated with empowerment to one of subliminal


Instead of inner-cities

with covert military minds drinking from the cup of justice, we are witnessing

the propagation of overgrown monkeys drinking

from Lil Jon’s cup of crunk juice.

50 Cent once said

something to the effect that he couldn’t be like Tupac because Tupac cared

about the kids and he didn’t give a damn about anybody’s kids but

his own. His young son’s foul-mouthed appearance during a Summer-Jam concert

attests to this nurturing.

Young Buck said

that we should forget about the legacy of the southern Confederacy because it’s

something that happened years ago. We should forget about it and move on with

the s**t.

Lloyd Banks said

that if G-Unit got political they’d probably be assassinated and that

he has no intention of being political. But, then again, what do you expect

from a group of talented apes.

Jane Goodall would

be so proud of them.