More Alfamega Informant Docs Hit Net

AllHipHop Staff

With former T.I. protégé vehemently denying accusations that he was a late 90’s informant, the website Smoking Gun has released further damning evidence against the Georgia rapper.

In May, the Smoking Gun first published reports that Alfamega, real name Cedric Zellars, testified in 1996 against Georgia drug dealer Ali Baaqar in exchange for receiving 18 months off his 9 year prison sentence.

When the information was verified, T.I. promptly kicked his former close friend out of his Grand Hustle camp via a written letter.

Since then, Alfamega has broke his leg in police chase, and launched a diss track and letter at T.I. over his dismissal.

In the intro to the new 25 page document, the Smoking Gun states that Zellars forced them to resurface the information after he accused them of forging documents.

“We hate to pile on poor Cedric "Alfamega" Zellars,” the site explained. “But when the rapper recently surfaced to claim that a TSG story about his previous work as an informant was wrong (and maybe even based on fabricated documents), we decided to revisit his days as a government snitch.”

The records reveal that Alfamega approached the federal government himself to initiate his testimony, and agreed to identify a “big drug dealer” that he worked for and purchased large keys of cocaine from.

During a cross-examination, Alfamega also admitted to fathering 13 children by 13 different women.

Aside from Baaqar, the documents quote Alfamega as stating there were several other men he gave information on, but failed to secure convictions to further lower his sentence.

“I had people calling, and I was writing,” explained Cellars in regard to reaching out to the FBI and DEA.

“I been asked for information. They picked some of the guys up, but it didn’t do nothing to help me. I just gave it because they asked me.”

At press time, Alfamega has not addressed the latest allegations against him.