More Details Surrounding Gucci Mane Murder Charge, Rapper Hopes To Make Bond

Rapper Radric "Gucci

Mane" Davis may be released as early as tomorrow (May 23), after the upcoming

rapper was hit with a murder charge last week.

Details are emerging in the shooting which took place on May

10th in Decatur, Georgia and left one man dead.

At a press conference last week before surrendering to authorities,

Davis’ lawyer Dennis Scheib said Davis acted in self-defense, after he

was allegedly set-up by a female acquaintance.

Scheib said Davis was in the woman's apartment when five men

burst into the house with guns threatening to duct-tape the rapper and shoot


“One of them had green duct tape, one had brass knuckles,

and one had a weapon,” Scheib said. “My client was hit with brass

knuckles and his friend was hit with a weapon. One of the alleged assailants

yelled 'shoot him' and he [Davis] grabbed a gun near by to defend himself.”

Davis traded fire with one of the men and fled. According to

Scheib, Davis did not know any one was wounded by the gunfire.

“It wasn't until I called him and informed him there was

a warrant out for his arrest on murder charges did he become aware of the situation,"

Scheib said.

The man that was killed was identified as Henry “Pookie

Loc” Clark, a member of Macon, Georgia rap group Locust Lifestyle.

Clark’s body was found in a wooded area near Columbia

Middle School. Police have not released details on what linked Davis to Clark's

murder as of press time.

Scheib, who was armed during the press conference, said that

he believed the attackers were associated with Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy, with

whom Davis had been feuding after the two recorded the single "So Icey"


"I think police need to look deeper into this case instead

of just looking into my client," Scheib said.

Representatives for both Davis and Young Jeezy appeared on WMKS

92.3 in Macon, Georgia on May 19th, the day of Clark’s funeral. Jeezy

denied involvement on the radio last week and was reportedly among those in

attendance when Clark was laid to rest.

Davis was in New York promoting his upcoming album, Trap

House, which is slated to be released next week. When he found out about

the murder charges being levied against him, he returned and surrendered to

authorities voluntarily.

A bond hearing has been scheduled for July 5, but Scheib said

he was hopeful Davis could be released as early as Monday (May 23rd).

Davis will remain in DeKalb County Jail until the bond hearing

takes place.