More Details, Video In Suge Knight Assault

More details have surfaced surrounding a fracas in which a man was beaten by the entourage of rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight, who was also knocked unconscious during the altercation.

Sources have told that five to six men assaulted an unknown man in front of the packed club, apparently over a monetary dispute.

An eyewitness told that all of the men, including Knight, began to beat, kick and stomp the man.

Witnesses told that Knight became irate when he noticed another man filming the altercation with a cell phone.

Knight allegedly put the man who was taping the incident in a headlock.

The man broke free from Knight’s grip.

A few minutes later the man pulled in front of Shag’s, popped his trunk and pulled out a pole-like object that was used to strike Knight on the back of the head.

“Blood started gushing everywhere,” an eyewitness told He sat on the sidewalk unconscious for several minutes. It's hard to see from the photos online, but there was a nasty gash on the back of his head."

A representative with captured the aftermath of the altercation on a camera phone, although the actual incident was over by the time taping began.

Knight was treated at a local hospital, where he refused to file a police report or cooperate with Los Angeles Police Department officials.