More Headaches For Nelly; 20 Churches Planning Protest

Nelly has come under fire

again as ministers from 20 churches have formed a coalition to protest the multi-platinum

rapper's upcoming performance at Arkansas State University.

After reading the rapper’s

lyrics, the ministers decided to boycott the March 12th performance, which is

taking place at ASU’s Convocation Center.

A news release circulated

by Reverend Adrian Rogers of the Fullness of Joy Church of Jonesboro said the

ministers wanted to "express their disappointment with the 'gangsta rapper'

Nelly being allowed to come to the taxpayer-funded Convocation Center."

"We feel that the lyrics

of 'gangsta rappers' are detrimental to society at large, but more specifically

to the development of young people," Reverend Rogers said.

The ministers are urging

members of their congregations not to purchase tickets, but according to the

Convocation Center’s manager, over 5,000 tickets have already been sold.

The concert is part of a

college tour that also features Nelly’s group, The St. Lunatics.

The seven-date tour starts

March 7th at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois and runs

through March 15 when Nelly plays Penn State University.

Nelly is expected to tour

extensively starting in the spring.