More Tax Troubles For D12; Swifty Owes Over $200K

(AllHipHop News) D12 group member Swifty McVay is the latest artist to run into tax trouble with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Swifty McVay, born Ondre Moore, owes the government over $254,000 in back state and federal taxes according to reports. |On March 31st, the IRS placed a lien against the rapper with the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds. An additional lien of $22,036 was filed against Swifty and his wife in LA. They also owe the state of Michigan another $7,199 in back taxes dating back to November of 2009. Swifty’s lawyer told the Detroit News that the rapper was attempting to make good on his debt to the IRS. "Mr. Moore takes full responsibility for his debt to the IRS and the state and is working with the government in resolving his outstanding tax liability," Freeman said. "He has rejoined with his prior manager, and his current business and tax matters are now being properly handled."Other members of D12 are also facing tax issues. Last year, Kuniva was hit with a $215,000 bill, while Denaun Porter owed over $61,000 while Kon Artis owed over $150,000 dollars.