Mos Def In Negotiations To Star In 'Stringbean and Marcus'

Mos Def is in final negotiations to star in Stringbean and Marcus, an independent film that focuses on the relationship between two former Black Panther members who fall out of love.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sophie Okonedo, who was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Hotel Rwanda, is also in final talks to star in the drama.

The movie is set in 1978 and is told through the eyes of a young girl.

"It's not so much about the idea of race," director Tanya Hamilton told The Hollywood Reporter. "I just wanted to show this world of ordinary people living under extraordinary circumstances."

Although neither star is under contractual obligation as of press time, producer Sean Costello said both actors were committed to the project.

"Mos is one of my favorite actors; he's fantastic," said Costello. "Sophie has to play this character who's both closed off and being open to helping people yet not being an angry woman. That's what she did in Hotel Rwanda as this maternal, yet emotionally conflicted woman."

Stringbean and Marcus is scheduled to start shooting this July in Philadelphia.