Mothers Of Superstar Rappers Offer Advice To Single Moms

AllHipHop Staff

The mothers of three internationally known rap stars will lend their time and parenting tips during the Saving our Sons workshop panel event, which seeks solutions to the educational crisis facing young, African-American men.

Dr. Mahalia A. Hines, the mother of rapper/actor Common, Dr. Brenda Greene, the mother of Talib Kweli and Sheron Smith, the mother of Mos Def will be on hand at the event, which takes place in the Bronx this Saturday (July 11).

The three women will be a part of the Saving Our Sons opening panel, which is titled “Raising Him Alone.”

The panel will be moderated by Meshelle, “The Indie Mom of Comedy” who was featured on Nickelodeon’s Search for The Funniest Mom in America 3.

Following the panel, hundreds of educators, parents, grandparents and mentors will be on hand to give single mothers tips on how to raise young black and latino men during the four-hour event, which starts at 10:00 AM.

Other workshops scheduled for the day include sessions on fatherhood, anger management and encounters with law enforcement.

The event takes place July 11 at the Eagle Academy for Young Men at the Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice.