Move Over Michael Jackson, Drake Is Officially The New King Of Pop

Drake just shattered records set by The Beatles and Michael Jackson.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Drake has just made history on the charts, by shattering a record set by the Beatles and surpassing one set by Michael Jackson too.

First of all, Drake currently has seven songs on Billboard's Top 100 Chart, passing the record set by The Beatles 54 years ago, when they occupied the top five positions on the chart back in 1964.

“Nonstop,” “Gods Plan,” “In My Feelings,” “I’m Upset,” “Emotionless” and “Don’t Matter To Me” debuted on the charts, while "Nice for What” has returned to the top spot on the chart.

That in itself is a major feat, and "Nice for What" is now the only song in the history of Billboard to be #1, four different times.

The power moves on the charts don't stop there, since incredibly, Drake has 31 Top 10 hit singles, surpassing the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

Scorpion is also Drake's 8th consecutive #1 album.

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What the fuck!ng idiotic headline!

If Drake sells more albums than Michael jackson, if Drake passes Thriller as the best selling album of all time with more than 70+ million copies, if Drake passses Michael Jackson as the best selling global artist and as the most awarded global artist.... with the most successful world tour for a solo artist (BAD and HIStory)....

.... after that... some media can dare to claim he is "officially" the new king of pop.



Thriller moved 100 million units. lol Drake's never seeing Thriller numbers, b.