Movie Highlights Violence In Bay Area

One week after Hittman from the Bay Area’s

RBL Posse was gunned down, filmmaker Kevin Epps brought his piece "Straight

Outta Hunter’s Point," through Philly.

The film is a raw documentary shot between 1998

and 2001 of one of America’s most gang infested wastelands. The piece not

only observes the violence, but it also captures the role of Rap music’s

immersion in the murders.

Included in the film are legendary local MC’s

JT Tha Bigga Figga, 3 X Krazy, Keke Da Sneak, and the late Hittman himself.

Epps is a native of the San Francisco naval base, and the camera work conveys

his activism in the good and the bad of the HP community.

“I been through all that. I been on the

up and the down side of it” Epps told A history of the hills

is captured, citing police brutality and government neglect as reasons for the

community downfall.

Epps, who produced and directed the film, is

taking the film all across the east coast to various colleges and independent

theaters for screening.

Epps was unclear as to whether he is going to

make the video available for sale. “I don’t know. Right now, I really

like keeping it DIY (Do-it-Yourself)” Epps said.

In the meantime, a soundtrack is available as

well as screening dates at