Movie Review: College Road Trip

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A cup-full of an exceptionally talented comedian

and a dash of an actress who's been a pro since she was just four-years-old were

the exact measurements needed to create College

Road Trip.

The flick follows Melanie Porter (Raven-Symone) on

her quest for the perfect college along with her overprotective father James

Porter (Martin Lawrence). Melanie's yearning for independence and dad's domineering

attitude lead to the beginning of their aggravating but entertaining road trip.

This Disney movie has both animation and real life

instances that make it rather enjoyable for the whole family. Though it is not a film that you

would add to your ‘best movies ever’ collection, it is one that is relatable in

some instances and a bit funny in others.

Known for his characters in mature roles, Martin

Lawrence brings his comedy full-circle by starring in his first-ever G-Rated film. Holding back on the

vulgar tongue, Martin still manages to appeal to the young audience with his

popular comedic flair, witty faces and side-splitting dances. The scenes where

he breaks out in dance or when he twists his face in disgust reminds longtime fans of his days on the sitcom Martin or his appearances on Def

Comedy Jam.

Fathers with

young daughters can relate to Martin’s character and how he keeps his daughter

under extreme supervision. Likewise, maturing young women with overbearing fathers can relate to Raven’s character.

If you’ve ever leisurely watched (or have been

forced to watch) That’s So Raven,

then you know the humorous side of Raven-Symone. She was able to bring that

childlike fun with a young-adult attitude to the film. Throughout,

she doesn’t over-act with unrealistic psychic visions - perhaps because she experienced her own real-life cross-country college road

trip not too long ago.

A wild trip full of disagreements, flipping farm

animals and tumbling cars the film ends positively with appreciation for the father-daughter relationship. The humorous

scenes amuse you, and you walk away with a basic understanding that bonding, no

matter how exasperating it may be, is indeed necessary.

College Road

Trip is definitely pleasing if you’re off to college, have an overbearing

parent or if you have a toddler thrilled at the least bit of animation. If your

interest lies in thrillers, dramas or mature comedies, this film would have you

wishing you did something else with your 83 minutes.

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