Movie Review: The Dark Knight

If you’re gonna seeThe Dark Knight here’s some advice: Don’t bring the kids. This ain’t no cartoon.

I don’t how in the hell it got a PG-13 rating. The sh*t gave me nightmares, and I

ain’t no kid. Secondly, see it on the IMAX. The aerial scenes and fight scenes

are crazy. While the story line is a little convoluted, the action and

characters make you forget about it. Director Christopher Nolan’s sequel

to Batman Begins is the opposite of Joel Schumaker’s Batman and Robin, which was a like a Broadway musical

without the music. The movie is also nothing like its predecessor, which spent

way too much time developing Batman and not enough time showcasing him. The

Dark Knight is a grimly realistic modern portrait of Gotham’s great hero.

The movie deals with issues like police corruption, money laundering, terrorism

and vigilante morality. Nolan, who wrote and directed Memento, offers a

way more complex take on good and evil than any previous superhero

movie.Much has been made about Heath Ledger’s final performance as The

Joker. I’ve heard things like he’s better than Hannibal Lecter or Jack Nicholson's version of the same character. Neither of these are

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