Movie Review: Wanted

Studio: Spyglass/Universal

Release date: July 27, 2008

Cast: James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Angelina

Jolie, Common

This one is for the boys. Sexual overtones,

gruesome knockout beat downs, swerving bullets that defy a gun's trajectory,

peanut-butter-crazed exploding rats and some tongue-in-cheek humor so you don’t

take it all so serious.

The beginning of Wanted was very reminiscent of the first Matrix, in that the main character, Wesley, portrayed so innocently

by James McAvoy, narrates it.

Wesley’s living a life of lackluster motivations;

doing what’s expected yet never reaping any of the benefits. He sits in a

cubicle working for a lousy boss, who takes every opportunity that she can to

spew malicious remarks at him.

Wesley is also with a pretentious girlfriend who

makes him feel like sh*t at home. His so-called friend is a two-faced jerk, and

he’s downing anti-panic attack pills like their tic-tacs. Something’s got to

give. Wesley is cute and unassuming… and he’s the son of one of the world’s most

infamous first-class assassins.

Before we know it, his life is put in danger, and

a strange woman, Fox (played by Angelina Jolie), has to step in to save him. I

love Jolie as Fox - she is the type of cool, skinny b*tch who has no time for

boyfriends or relationships, or even sexuality or flirtations.

For Fox and her brethren, it’s about being a

solider. And she does a lot more than save Wesley’s life; she’s given the task

of recruiting and training him; basically to transform him into the man that he’s

destined to be.

Fox is a member of an organization called The

Fraternity of Assassins. Their mission: kill one, (maybe) save a thousand. Led by

smooth-talking father figure Sloan (Morgan Freeman), this group of misfit

killers represents the worlds’ finest murder specialists.

Wesley jumps at the chance to change his life, and

most importantly, to learn more about his father. But joining a fraternity

isn’t a walk in the park, especially not a fraternity of killers. Wesley’s

official training is short in the whole sequence of the film, yet contributes

to lots of comedic moments that allow you to become familiar with his character

and the lovely characters of The Fraternity.

Common portrays Gunsmith, the sexy beast who manages

the guns and trains Wesley to do some of the most dramatic things with a bullet.

Then there’s The Butcher, who knows his way around the meat freezer and handles

a knife unlike any other film character I’ve seen.

The most memorable character is The Repairman, who

soaks Wesley in what initially looks like solid candle wax every time he’s worn

out from his official assassin training. He also teaches him a thing or two

about rodent’s fondness for peanut butter.

Creating the ultimate killing machine doesn’t come

easy, but it seems like lots of fun. Before you

know it, Wesley is curving bullets and breaking noses with the best of them.

He’s finally ready to make his first kill. But who or what decides who gets the


Sloan and this mysterious artistry of fabric

tapestry make those decisions. It’s Sloan’s job to read the names and their job

to fulfill the order and make the kill. Everyone goes along with the system -

until there’s a glitch. There’s always a glitch, and Wesley ends smack dab in

the middle fighting for his life.

In hot pursuit of his target, Wesley and Fox end

up in Italy on a metro train that heads up a mountain. All hell breaks loose,

but he’s determined to make his target. This sequence of scenes makes for some

of the most exciting stunts in the movie. Edge-of-your-seat drama, action and

artillery swirling around people’s heads... Wow, there’s still thirty minutes


When I say that the boys will love this movie, I

mean it. It’s rough like Fight Club

yet driven like The Transporter,

including knuckle punches, train rides and bullet wounds. Everything the boys

love to see in an action flick. Remember there is a twist, which will keep you

guessing till the very end.


is a great Friday night flick that will get your heart pumping and your trigger

finger inching. Believe me, it’s worth it in every sense of the word. If you

like action flicks, you want to see Wanted.