Ms. Dynamite Charged With Assaulting Police Officer

UK rapper Ms. Dynamite was

charged with assaulting a female police officer outside a London nightclub on

Jan. 6.

The 25-year-old rapper was

celebrating her birthday with her brother and another female acquaintance.

Police allegedly witnessed

her kicking the front door of the Paragon Lounge nightclub in West London.

When police questioned her,

they claim she became abusive.

She was arrested in the

resulting fracas, but while in custody, police claim Ms. Dynamite punched a

female officer in the face, bruising the officer’s nose.

Police charged the award

winning rapper with assaulting a female police officer and with disorderly conduct.

Her brother, 22-year-old

Kingsley Daley, was charged with obstruction and another woman with the siblings

was charged with public disorder.

Ms. Dynamite, born Niomi

McLean-Daley, has won Brit Awards, Mobo Awards and a Mercury Music Prize.

All three will appear in

court on Jan 13.