Ms. Dynamite, Shystie, Other UK Rappers Starring In New TV Drama

UK female rappers

Ms. Dynamite and Shystie will take on leading roles in a new televised interactive


The production will allow viewers to vote on what happens in

each episode via text messaging.

The series is set in South London's tower blocks and will include

scenes of MC battles and the UK thriving pirate radio scene - where many UK

rap artists derive from.

"We decided it would be great if we could put together

a TV show, dealing with our culture that kids could relate to", Shystie

recently told The Guardian. "Black music and culture is always shown as

negative, we want to give it a positive twist"

Other hip-hop stars included to play in the six part series

include Rodney P and the So Solid Crew.

The drama was developed to educate young artists about gun crime,

drugs and a variety of other issues that have been plaguing the country.

The viewer led

drama is directed by 25-year-old Luke Hyams and will be aired on Channel 4 in

the UK later this year.