MTV Bans 'Violent' Videos

MTV has banned music videos it deems to be violent for the duration of the

US led military campaign against Iraq.

Attempting to reciprocate the somber mood of their audience, MTV executives

told World Entertainment News Network that “videos with words such as

‘bomb,’ ‘missile,’ ‘war’ or other sensitive words in the artist on song

title should not be shown.”

“We’re screening videos with an eye towards current events to make sure

whatever we play is sensitive and appropriate,” an MTV spokesperson told


Such a broad definition of violence may prove problematic for Hip Hop videos

in the vein of Nas’ “Made you Look,” or 50 Cent’s “Wanksta.” Currently, the

playlist of MTV’s hip hop video show Direct Effect is relatively benign in

respect to the new policy. This will potentially affect Hip Hop videos in

the near future.

An MTV spokesperson said, “In common with

other broadcasters, I think we should be responsive to audience sensitivity

in this time of war.”