MTV Orders Episodes Of Jamie Kennedy's New Hip-Hop Series 'Blowin' Up'

MTV has ordered eight

episodes of actor/comedian Jamie Kennedy's new Hip-Hop comedy-reality show, Blowin'

Up, the network announced Wednesday (March 22).

The series, which

will premiere in the third quarter, follows Kennedy and his sidekick, Stu Stone,

as they embark on Hip-Hop superstardom.

During their journey,

the duo, who write, record and perform together, seek advice from Hip-Hop stars

and top music executives.

In 2003, Kennedy

starred as Brad "B-Rad" Gluckman in the movie Malibu's Most Wanted.

In that role, he played a struggling white rapper whose father was running for


Kennedy is also

infamous for his antics on The Jamie Kennedy Show, where he combined

hidden-camera pranks with sketch comedy to see how everyday people--and some

celebrities-- behaved in atypical situations.

Kennedy would

appear in a variety of disguises, getting his "marks" involved in

equally bizarre predicaments. The skits were presented in front of an audience,

either in-studio or on location.

After three seasons,

The Jamie Kennedy Show ended its original run in spring 2004.

Blowin' Up

is scheduled to hit the small screen this fall.