Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Kevin Hart Allowed To Continue In Court

The comedian lost an attempt to throw out a lawsuit that could cost him millions of dollars.

(AllHipHop News) Kevin Hart's $1.8 million breach of contract lawsuit is moving forward after a judge denied his request to dismiss it.

Kev was sued in October by his former representatives at iGo Marketing & Entertainment, who accused the comedian of failing to pay commissions for a string of big endorsement deals they helped him score.

iGo officials also claim Hart had agreed to pay them 15% on any deal they obtained for the star.

He ended the partnership in 2015, shortly after they secured a three-year promotional project with Rally Healthcare chiefs, who paid Hart in cash and stock options.

iGo bosses allege the funnyman's termination didn't end the commission agreement on deals they had already secured for him, but they did not receive payment for the third year of the Rally contract.

Hart hit back at the suit, declaring there was never a written agreement regarding iGo's commission for the remainder of the Rally deal.

He also countersued iGo executives for reportedly using his name and image on their website without his permission, and asked the judge overseeing the case to dismiss the filing against him, and award him unspecified damages for the unauthorized use of his likeness.

He also requested a court injunction banning iGo representatives from future use of his name and image in their marketing materials.

A judge has denied his request and ordered the case to go to trial on January 17.