Mumia-Supporting Teacher Fired For Third Grade Letters

Will There Be An Appeal?

An Orange, NJ Board of Education has terminated a suspended teacher that had her third-grade students send political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal get well letters.

Marylin Zuniga, a first year teacher, apologized in front of an Orange, NJ school board in April, but also stated that she didn’t feel her action warranted termination. That is exactly what the board recommended after an extended Board of Education hearing tonight. After mentioning Abu Jamal was sick, Zuniga said that her students requested to write him.

“I made a mistake but I have learned from that,” she told the board previously. She said that she should have told the parents of her students before sending letters to Abu Jamal, who has been a polarizing figure. Zuniga has had a ground-swell of support from the local community, the activist community and even other teachers. Last night’s “hearing” was tense, according to sources with AllHipHop, and there was a lot of legal wrangling from Zuniga’s lawyer. He said the Board didn’t offer a reason for a just termination.

Mum Abu Jamal has seen some improvement as he has been admitted to a hospital, but his supporters still maintain that state of Pennsylvania penal system is still trying execute him from medical neglect. Click here for an indiegogo devoted to helping Mumia with his medical needs.