Mural Featuring Rappers Finds Home In Shopping Mall

A mural that was the subject of controversy at

Woodbury High School in New Jersey featuring Eazy-E, Tupac Shakur, Notorious

B.I.G. and Big Punisher has finally found a home, in a popular shopping mall.

The Mural was unveiled in the Deptford Mall's

teen center Saturday (April 5) and has been expanded to feature Aaliyah, John

Lennon and Frank Sinatra.

School officials halted the mural last year after

deeming the mural was inappropriate for the school. When students came back

after summer vacation, the mural was painted over.

Rich Strey, who painted the mural, instead took

the ideal to Darrell Edmonds, director of the Services to Overcome Drugs Among

Teenagers at New Jersey Deptford Mall location.

"Those four men spoke their mind in their

music," Strey said. "There's nothing wrong with that."