Murder Charges Against Gucci Mane Dropped

Prosecutors dropped

murder charges against Gucci Mane on Friday (Dec. 30) citing a lack of evidence

in the murder of another man.

Gucci Mane, born Radric David, was accused of shooting Henry

“Pookie Loc” Clark III, after Clark and four other men burst into

a house and threatened to attack him in May of 2005.

“One of them had green duct tape, one had brass knuckles,

and one had a weapon,” Davis’ lawyer Dennis Scheib said shortly

after the shooting. “My client was hit with brass knuckles and his friend

was hit with a weapon. One of the alleged assailants yelled 'shoot him' and

he [Davis] grabbed a gun near by to defend himself.”

Mane then reached for a gun that was on a nearby table and shot

in the direction of his attackers, fatally wounding Clark, whose body was found

in the woods behind a nearby school.

Clark, who has been connected to Young Jeezy’s Corporate

Thug Entertainment, was murdered at the height of a feud between Gucci Mane

and Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy.

The two were involved in a dispute over the song “So Icy,”

which was a hit for Gucci Mane and included on his album, Trap House,

which was released on Big Cat Records.

The two issued a series of mixtapes disses threatening one another

stemming from the dispute over the song over summer of 2005.

Big Cat Records CEO Jacob York explained the situation shortly

after Gucci Mane was incarcerated.

“Gucci asked Jeezy to do a few bars on the track, ‘So

Icy,’” York told “It got circulation on a mix-tape.

When it took off, a lot of people were skeptical, because they didn’t

think that it would work on an independent label.”

York said that Jeezy was eventually signed to Def Jam and the

label wanted all the rights to the track for Young Jeezy’s major label

solo debut, Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101.

“We were going to take him off of the track and just put

it out on Gucci’s album, York continued. “They were going to do

a video for it and Gucci showed up late to the shoot. Def Jam told us that we

should have just taken Jeezy off of the track to begin with. It was basically

the big label vs. the little label.”

Jeezy denied any responsibility in the attack on Gucci Mane.

“It was our song, but it was always understood that it

was for him to blow up,” Jeezy told in July of 2005. “And

that’s how it was supposed to be, and I was cool with that.”

Gucci Mane is still in an Atlanta jail, after he pled guilty to assaulting a

local promoter with a pool cue.

Gucci Mane will remain on probation for 6 ½ years when

he is released this month.