Murder Inc. Bookkeeper Gets House Arrest

While The Inc.’s

Irv and Chris Lorenzo were acquitted of all charges in their federal money laundering

trial, The Inc.’s accountant was sentenced to six months house arrest, the

sole conviction for the government.

Brent was sentenced to two years probation and house arrest

on Monday (Dec.19) for improperly breaking down cash deposits in amounts less

than $10,000 to avoid filing mandatory file currency transaction reports.

Brent – who is eight months pregnant – was sentenced

with Chris Lorenzo in attendance.

She was originally charged with laundering over $1 million in

drug money and structuring cash to avoid federal reporting conditions.

According to Brent’s

attorney Paul Shechtman, Brent told Judge Edward Korman that the monies deposited

were the result of concert proceeds, not illegal drug proceeds from Kenneth

“Supreme” McGriff.