Murder Inc Employee Shot

A staffer at Murder Inc Records was shot after a masked assailant approached his vehicle, letting off a 9 mm round in each leg. Kris Murphy, an employee who works directly with rappers Cadillac Tah and Charli Baltimore, said he may be the victim of retaliation in the disguise of a robbery.

Murphy said that he was parked out in the front of his Jersey City, New Jersey home last week, when a single man armed with a 9 mm demanded his $18,000 chain. However, the 28-year-old Murder Inc employee said he denied the request and was consequently shot once through each of his legs. He said he believes it was a violent message from somebody who planned the assault.

"Obviously, it was someone who knew who I was. If they just wanted to rob me, they would have taken my car, my $8,000 watch,” he said in the New York Post. “He didn't ask for anything else. It doesn't make sense."

After shooting Murphy, the man fled the scene and police have yet to make any arrests in the case.