Murs Releasing "Yumiko: Curse Of The Merch Girl" Graphic Novel and Album

(AllHipHop News) West Coast underground legend Murs is staying busy with the release of a new graphic novel and album, which will be released with the help of fans and supporters worldwide.

Murs has combined Hip-Hop and comics to give fans "Yumiko: Curse Of The Merch Girl," via, a website that takes pledges and donations for art, music and films projects, so that work like Murs' graphic novel can come to fruition.

The album and novel unite to tell the story of Yumi Morales, a girl living the tour life, while working the merchandise table for her boyfriend Dominick's band Murder Acts.

"Yumiko is Hip-Hop and comics done correctly," said Murs of the project. "Comics have always been a huge inspiration to me. And having the chance to publish my own comic is truly an honor. Working with my partners to create this book was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to making our dream a reality with the help of the fans."

The 124-page graphic novel is illustrated by Jose Garcia and written by Josh Blaylock, while the ten-song album is produced entirely by DJ Foundation.

Lyrics for the project can even be found amidst the artistic pages of the novel.

Yumiko is available only via the project's Kickstarter page, where a range of different pledge options will get you everything from the novel and CD, to exclusive apparel, custom download cards illustrated by David Mack and Jim Mahfood and a personal thank-you note and Twitter follow from Murs.

Murs has taken an active role in the the comic book world having reviewed recent issues of Batman, Catwoman and Wolverine for G4TV'sFresh Ink Online blog.

Murs' Kickstarter Link and vlog advertisement for the novel and album is below.

Help Murs Launch, "Yumiko: Curse of The Merch Girl