Music Biz Vet Shawn Prez Announces Global Spin Awards

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) Veteran music executive Shawn Prez has announced the first annual Global Spin Awards (GSA's), which will take place this November in New York.

Shawn Prez, who is currently an executive at Bad Boy, also heads up Power Moves Inc.

The GSA's have been established to honor DJ's from around the world, for their contribution to the music industry.

According to Shawn Prez, the GSA's will honor those who have made a significant impact to DJ culture.

“In the changing climate of the music industry there has been one constant, the DJ, who has yet to be recognized for their contribution to entertainment,” Shawn Prez said.

Shawn Prez has assembled a voting committee known as "The Bureau," which is features industry leaders that are a part of the DJ culture.

In September, "The Bureau" will announce the nominees, as well as the voting process for each award.

The GSA Awards are slated to take place on November 19 at the New York Times Center. in Manhattan.

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