Music Choice Gives More Choices

Digital cable channel Music Choice will give listeners the chance to customize their own music channel through their new service "My Music Choice."The new enhancement will give customers the opportunity to create a mixtape-styled portal.Utilizing the same technique as pay-per-view movies (video-on-demand), digital cable subscribers will be able to select a music genre by scrolling through a few prompts.Among the categories listeners can select from are R&B and Hip-Hop, and Rap.Once a genre is selected, a subset of the category is then shown. For instance, one can select R&B and Hip-Hop and then choose from "Back In The Day," "Hits," or "Party Jamz."After selecting a genre and subset, subscribers are also given the chance to determine if they want to hear more "Back In The Day" content versus more "Party Jamz."Scott Westerman, a VP for the parent company of Music Choice, said in a statement that he is more than happy to give subscribers more choices."We're delighted to be able to provide this valuable enhancement to Music Choice's tremendous array of audio entertainment."Other categories included in My Music Choice are Rock, Today's Country, Classical, and Gospel.Digital cable subscribers in Moline, IL will be the first to utilize the new Music Choice service.