Music Producer Detail Accused Of Another Case Of Sexual Assault

This time, two female employees of Noel Fisher claim he attacked them.

By: Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) Just last month, Grammy-award winning producer Detail was exposed for multiple cases of sexual assaults.

Bebe Rexha, Tinashe, and Jessie Reyez are a few that came forth to reveal they have experienced their own accounts of sexual misconduct.

Now, two more women have come forth.

According to a report, two former employees of who worked for Detail, born Noel Fisher, claim they suffered sexual assault and “pervasive” sexual harassment that forced them to quit their jobs because of emotional distress.

One of the women revealed the gruesome details, saying Detail penetrated her private parts while the other said he held her down as he masturbated.

The affidavit by the first woman, Janae Knox, reads, “After Plaintiff repeatedly informed Fisher that his conduct was unwelcomed, Fisher became more hostile towards Plaintiff and berated her and called her a prude. Fisher made it clear that Plaintiff’s job depended on her submission to Fisher’s sexual demands.”

The second female, Isabella Mack, who worked as Detail’s personal assistant, revealed she was told “her success in the entertainment industry” depended on her submission to his sexual demands.

Both women are suing for assault and battery, sex discrimination, and retaliation for opposing discrimination, asking for at least $2 million dollars in their lawsuit.

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This LAME will be doing PRISON TIME & lost ALL the Opportunities he had in the industry! #BubbaGonnaPenetrateHimInTheJoint